Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Notes from the Provinces

Lunch in the common room.
Someone mentions Boulder, CO as a nice place and enumerates many of its good features. I concur, relating a story from some MAA thing I went to. One of the people I knew at the conference is gay, and one day walking back to the sessions he turns to me and says: "Is it just me, or have you noticed that there are a lot of good looking men around here?" And he's right! It's true! The lunch crowd was all a-twitter: Not only do I know and talk to gay people but I talk to them about men.

I am tempted to go on pilgrimage to Montreal for office supplies. (I was there for a conference at UQAM a few years back and spent most of my time window shopping, so I know where to find the things I want there.) I can not find Staedtler Lumocolor overhead pens. Really what I want is to go to the fancy-paper store. I had hoped to cover the window in my office door with a nice piece of vellum, but all the fancy paper around here is scrapbook size. I'm already buying my salt in New Jersey. The only salt around here is Morton's. It's not like I'm looking for fleur de sel, just Diamond Crystal!

I have finally found decent sushi.