Sunday, February 20, 2005

Talking to My Mother About Robots

I was telling my mom about how my Roomba won't charge properly and she told me that she had read an article in the paper about Colin Angle and all the amazing things he's been doing and maybe she had run into his mom again (or was it someone who is friends with his mom?). And did I know Colin? No, I told her (again). I didn't know him. Oh, she says, she thought I would have, as he was only just a few grades ahead of me in school. And speaking of robots, she had heard through the rumor mill of retired suburban moms (or maybe she had run into his mom at the co-op grocery store) that someone else I went to school with is building robots, too. And this is someone who graduated my year, who I'd known since kindergarten, who I was in classes and clubs with, who lived within walking distance, who was part of my social group. He has a post-doc at Columbia building robots. I told my mom I had to go because my phone was nearly out of batteries.