Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Time and Schedule

  1. I no longer need to pout about the internet being down at my house -- it has miraculously returned. My morning plans of making vegetarian gołąbki and having them cook in the crockpot all day have now been revised to catching up on all the internet-stuff that I haven't had a chance to do at work. Current plan is to come right home after my last scheduled activity and to cook the gołąbki in the oven.

  2. I didn't check off the homeworks between my classes yesterday, so I still have a large stack to deal with. I'm hoping that some of the students who said they were coming to my office hours today (exam is tomorrow) will change their minds

  3. I'm heading in about an hour before my office hours to fuss with some of the ideas in the cs class -- I can no longer follow everything in real-time, so I'll have to do some thinking on my own. I'm wondering if this aself-imposed penance for my (in)actions in the last cs class I took at Dartmouth.

  4. We still haven't had an algebra seminar yet this semester. Typically the algebra seminar meets on Wednesday afternoons, so I've been reluctant to schedule anything for that time. But no one has yet asked me about my schedule or what time on Wednesday is best for me. And nothing has appeared on the seminar list about an organizational meeting. I'm not saying anything, though, because (1) I'm not the organizer and (2) They'll ask me to speak.