Monday, March 14, 2005

Birds in the Bush

OK, so I wasn't doing work. But I was trying to make it easier to do hypothetical work in the future.

I was hoping to install the PostScript Type 1 versions of Computer Modern on this Mac so that the next time I use Illustrator to make a technical diagram that the typeface used for labels in the diagram would match the typeface used for the text of the paper. (Because you know how often ring theorists draw technical diagrams? Exactly.) (Yes, it's true, I'm hoping to win favor with a low-dimensional topologist when I -- seemingly effortlessly -- install the fonts on his laptop.)

Then I learned that FontBook is about as intuitive as the Font/DA Mover from System 6.0.x. No fonts for me (yet).

But to the casual observer, this fussing with the computer looks a lot like doing real work.