Friday, March 11, 2005

The Homelessness Problem

Homeless Relative has plans.

He says that he's planning to get back on his feet. He says he'd like to keep his car in my driveway and keep a few boxes of stuff in my basement. Maybe he'll even move to the state capital.

The red flag here is that he does not live in my state right now. In fact, he doesn't live in a state that borders on my state or even a state that borders on a state that borders on my state. It's not like he's just happened to pick here to be homeless for no good reason.

About a year ago he showed up uninvited and unannounced on my porch, after taking the bus (and/or hitchhiking? I didn't ask) here. He spent a week staying in the spare bedroom, putting dents in the hardwood floor and hogging the internet (he has a web page), and then he had to be asked to leave.

Do you know why the homeless don't live with their middle-class families? Because some of them are impossible to live with.