Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Hate to Travel

I hate travel so much that when I got married, I begged not to go on a honeymoon.

I'm thinking about cancelling Ring Theory Tour 2005 -- mostly due to exhaustion on my part. I was thinking about going to the Bowling Green AMS Sectional Meeting because it had interesting-looking talks by many of the authors of the papers I find myself reading (and lots and lots and lots of people I know giving talks). But now I've changed my mind. And just a few days later is the Conference on Algebra and its Applications. This one has fewer interesting-looking talks but some people who are much more worth talking to. As an advantage, logistics-wise, it takes place during spring break. As disadvantages, I have made no plans yet (and last minute plans are expensive), and I really, really, really need a break.

I can't yet determine whether the trade-off is worth it: will I even get a chance to talk to the important and interesting people? Will this add to my research productivity (which seems to be strictly decreasing these days)? Or to my research guilt? Will giving up spring break to trek to Ohio cause me to finally lose my mind?

Of course, a few weeks after the semester ends there is the Passman conference. Which happens about 2 weeks before my mom has committed me for a command performance in Florida.