Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Tax Dollars at Work

The city is replacing the sidewalks on my street. My historic neighborhood is part of the community arts tour taking place later this spring, and the city has calculated that sidewalks in poor condition * many extra people walking on them = risk of lawsuit.

They've been working on the part in front of my house since Thursday; assuming they continue at the same rate, they should finish by the end of this week. At no time have there been fewer than six workers present; at no one time have there been any more than three of them actually working.

Here's the amazing part: My city government not only maintains our sidewalks but also provides AMAZING trash pick-up: if you want something -- anything -- to disappear, just leave it on my curb on Friday morning. How much do I pay a year in property taxes to support my city government and my county government and the public schools and whatever else property taxes go to? Less than $1400 a year TOTAL, for everything combined, INCLUDING the schools.

We no longer need to wonder why my students can't read or do arithmetic.