Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Secret Messages

To the newish reader who, based on your .edu site, might be someone I went to grad school with:
Who else do you know who writes like this? I was trying to think of an anecdote to put here that made this clearer, but I couldn't think of anything appropriate. Everything I could think of was either too personal (of the, "I can't believe she remembered that" sort) or was too obvious (of the, "people who know you but who are not you would recognize you from this, too" sort). Oh, this might work: you (tried to) teach me how to drive a stick-shift.

To Dr. Dave:
That company you work for, it makes educational videos, right? Please make sure that they are closed captioned. Otherwise, show-a-video-day transforms itself from easy-teaching-day into make-arrangements-30-days-in-advance-so-that-disability-services-can-obtain-a-transcript-for-the-Deaf-student-day. Plus, it's easier for the student if it's closed captioned.