Thursday, March 03, 2005

Things I'd Rather Talk About Instead of My Rescheduled Interview

OK, I feel like a dork for rescheduling, as right now I just feel regular sick instead of the unable to function sick that I was feeling yesterday afternoon. (I nearly fainted at the pharmacy.) (But the flu is a big deal! Kills tens of thousands of Americans a year! Other people who've had it were out of commission for a long time! The doctor said that I wouldn't feel better for several days! It all comes down to the unquestionable fact that Tamiflu is a fucking miracle cure.) But who knows if my post-sleep attitude would still be in effect at the end of a long and trying day. Whatever.

Instead of continuing to talk about things that I don't want to talk about, I will instead write some more about Grandma E. (For new readers, there isn't one good post to link to; for the first time I regret not having categories.) i did not mention it here, but Grandma E. died in January. Relatively suddenly when she was in the hospital waiting transfer to a nursing home.

You would think that things would be sorted out by now, that there would be nothing more to write about. But no. Today is the day that the family and the lawyer are going to court to challenge the will. The challenge is over how the money is dispensed; the claim is that the most recent will was lost, and the unsigned copy from the lawyer's office should count as the real will.

Homeless relative has benefited from this delay, as he has been staying in her apartment. Since an executor couldn't be named until the will was probated (although the lawyer had applied to the courts to have limited rights to act on the behalf of the estate), no one had authority to terminate the lease. HR appears to have no plans for where he will go next, insisting that the Lord will provide. (Hey, HR, I just heard that Jesus has moved to your town and he's looking for a roommate that doesn't pay any rent.) At least we're through the worst of winter; he will probably end up sleeping out.

Things of no real value have already been distributed. Eight or nine boxes of books have ended up here (as have 2 very small bookcases). Most of the rest of the furniture has been taken, too. I got a spoon ring (really cool) and a 10K yellow gold and CZ cocktail ring (not my thing). One of her daughters took the good silver, intending to sell it.

Once the will is probated, there may be a complicated swap of cars leading to me ending up with Grandma E.'s Toyota Prius. The car is supposed to go to Homeless Relative, but he says that it is too expensive to insure, so instead he wants his son's 1994 Honda Civic with 105,000 miles on it. So HR would get the Civic, HR's son would get my car, and I would get the Prius.

I'm starting to feel woozy; perhaps I'll head back to bed.