Monday, March 07, 2005

yparehT laroivaheB evitingoC

  1. Find the mix tapes that served as a soundtrack to that difficult time. Put them in the car. Drive around aimlessly, listening to them and second-guessing decisions made long ago.

  2. When working on research, think about chronic lack of progress. Note that time spent on research over the past 2 years could have instead been spent watching movies and there would be just as much to show for it.

  3. When not working on research, remember that no future progress will be made without a lot of work. No rest for the wicked!

  4. Google friends from school. Click on "research" section of their home pages.

  5. Get on scale. Remember that weight in 2001 was 20-25 lbs lower than current weight.

  6. See if Hüsker Dü's "Too Far Down" is available from iTunes.

  7. Call mother.