Thursday, April 21, 2005

Advising Guide: Fall 2005

Question: I'm getting an A in your class through a moderate amount of effort because I'm responsible about my work and relatively smart. I changed my major, and now I need to take Calculus Lite (non-science weeder). The placement office says that I need to take Precalculus for Dummies first. Are you teaching that in the fall?

Answer: File a petition.

Q: I've failed precalculus twice, but I think I'm passing this time. The University says that you can only take a lower division course three times. Can I take calculus in the fall?

A: Yes, but not the section that meets MWRF at 9:05 in room 127.

Q: Really?

A: It says that in the catalog. Trust me.

Q: I got a 1450 on the SAT, I'm planning on majoring in the humanities, and I don't want to take Calculus with Testosterone*. Should I take Calculus Lite?

A: You should take the honors section of gen-ed math. The one that meets MWF at 10:10 on the third floor. Do you need a registration code? Here, have one. Do you have any smart friends? Here, have an extra code.

Q: I'm failing your class, even though it's pretty much at the middle school level. It is SO HARD. I've complained about everything and have been unpleasant to have in class. I study for hours and hours, yet I still can not identify a single main idea in the material. I've started copying my friends' work completely verbatim in a desperate attempt to pull out a D. What math class should I take in the fall?

A: Oh, you poor thing. The mean and heartless math department doesn't really have anything suitable to a delicate flower such as yourself. But don't worry: ask your advisor about satisfying the math requirement with philosophy.

*The enrollment in our regular calculus sequence is 90%+ male.