Sunday, April 03, 2005

Brief Notes

  1. I have escaped from the black hole that is Schenectady and have returned to my current home. Although, now that it appears that I have readers from the Capital District I should come clean and admit that I use the term "Schenectady" as a loose catch-all for the Capital District -- mostly because of its silly name. In fact, I spent most of the past 3 days at my parents' house in Niskayuna (just a few blocks northwest of the high school). In my defense, the official, preferred, default post office name for "Niskayuna, NY" is "Schenectady, NY 12309."

  2. Factoid: the ZIP code 12345 is in Schenectady. It's useful when looking up the weather at home.

  3. My fingers are flailing all over the keyboard because I had to use qwerty at my parents' house, and it's taking a few minutes to get re-acclimated to dvorak.

  4. I have made an executive decision that I am not grading the homework, the problem sets, or the midterms today. My students will have to wait until Wednesday to get their papers back. So far this semester, every single graded item (and there have been over 20 such items) has been returned the next class period, so I feel I'm due for a reprieve. It will be short lived, as papers and projects are due Monday. Watch this space for information about what's submitted -- the joy of the open-ended assignment.