Monday, April 18, 2005

Fashion Watch

Allow me to preface this by explaining that I am not allowed to dress myself. Because when I do so, I end up dressed like I am today: brown cargo shorts that I bought when I was in grad school and my Plusman T-shirt. (I am also wearing handknit socks and hiking sneakers. Did have the good sense not to accessorize with the fancy watch and the bling-bling.)

I have been trying to buy some reasonable spring/summer clothes for a few weeks now. The main problem is that I hate bright colors, and I look bad in tan. OK, really I hate all colors except black, charcoal, purple, dark brown, green, and navy blue. Yesterday I went shopping at Target and the Banana Republic. I was disappointed by the lack of selection of acceptable summer clothes (OK, I did buy a blue linen skirt; I will pair it with a navy blue t-shirt.), so I also went to the fabric store to browse the pattern catalog.

Oh my word. Even I recognize the signs that a fashion apocalypse will soon be upon us.
  1. Seen at Target: thong half-socks. Need a mental image? Imagine really uncomfortable underwear for a doll with an 8" waist.

  2. At Banana Republic: the long cotton prairie skirt. Would I be tempted if it were available in black? Maybe if I were still living in Ithaca, but then I would come to my senses and put it back on the rack.

  3. From the Burda catalog: Oh, those wacky Germans.