Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Good Things

  1. My tentative fall schedule is really nice: two sections of real calculus and one section of honors gen-ed math. Some curmudgeonly faculty members were opposed to the creation of honors gen-ed math, believing that all smart freshmen should take calculus. But it exists, and I will probably be teaching it!

  2. The department has offerred me the opportunity to take on additional service that comes with a course release. If I accept it, I'll get to meddle in the lives of freshmen, advocate for better TA training, and only teach two courses!

  3. It is warm and sunny! Highs today should be in the 70s! My shorts from last year still fit!

  4. My lawn looks really good today; the fertilizer with weed killer is doing its job. I may be in the running for best (front) lawn on the block. And, lucky for me, my #1 competition is the guy next door. Fewer weeds next door = fewer weeds crossing the property line.

  5. All my favorite CDs were in the car, so I grabbed them and brought them into my office. The CD-ROM can read the one that's too scratched to play in the car! I can listen to music while I grade papers!