Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Homeless Seminar in Theoretical Physics

Homeless Relative has temporarily settled in one of the larger cities in the Upper South. With the southern hospitality and devotion to Jesus and His work, social services abound; add to that a reasonable climate, and you'll see that it's a good place to be homeless.

Like many of the homeless, being job-free allows HR to spend time on his research, and he is a regular client of the public library. Unfortunately, modern mathematics is not ready to accept his subtle and sophisticated arguments, and his work has been largely unappreciated. (Most disappointingly, even by the mathematicians in his family.) He has proved that, in fact, the reals are countable. (Remember: they thought that Cantor was crazy, too!) He has also produced a short proof of Fermat's Last Theorem and a proof that Euler's constant is irrational. (I can not find the original of that proof -- only a xerox copy of a letter that he sent to a mathematician at Princeton.)

Now he has turned his attention to physics (with the blessing of his mathematician relatives). The main focus of his current research is the twin paradox, with an emphasis on debunking the standard explanations. I can let you know if he posts a pre-print on the arXiv.