Friday, April 22, 2005

Secret Messages

To the graduate students photocopying entire textbooks:
If you must photocopy an entire textbook during business hours, you should let other people take a turn when there's a line. Was anyone inconvenienced when I xeroxed all of McConnell and Robson back in 1999? No.

To Wiley publishers:
I didn't really xerox all of McConnell and Robson instead of paying the $500 you were asking for the book. I waited patiently for the AMS edition.

To the students with bad attitudes:
That homework problem where you copied the answer from the back of the book? The problem you got wrong on the last midterm? The example I did in class when you were sending text messages on your cell phone? They will all be on the final.

To my real-life friends reading this:
Better send Trinny and Susannah AND Stacy and Clint: Yes, I am wearing the navy blue RSI t-shirt that I got years before I even met you.