Saturday, April 23, 2005

Summer Goals (the Unbridled Optimism Remix)

Never mind the fact that my last exam isn't until May 6.
  1. Find new research problem to work on. Make progress. Enough progress to publish something.

  2. Relearn the two-letter words and the two-makes-three list. Work on the threes, the three-makes-fours, the Qs, Js, Xs, Zs, and the SATINE list. Find worthy opponents. Long term goal: become one of the 50 best female Scrabble players in North America.

  3. Read the books for the interdisciplinary course I'm probably teaching in Spring 2006. Reread the novel that all incoming freshmen are supposed to read. Find ways to connect it to the material in the gen-ed course.

  4. Strip and paint exterior trim for bedroom, den, bathroom, and kitchen windows. Rehang counterweights. Reglaze bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen windows. Paint interior trim.

  5. Lose some weight; try to get back down to 105.

  6. Work on writing more of the programs that were part of the cs class that I was sitting in on. Become competent enough to make it worthwhile to sit in on the next course in the sequence.

  7. Knit and crochet enough to cause the derivative of my yarn stash to become negative -- or at the very least, to get the second derivative to become negative.