Saturday, April 02, 2005

Unanswered Questions from Schenectady

  1. Was it always this cloudy when I was growing up here? The internet seems to say yes, as web sites about solar power indicate that Schenectady gets less sun, on average, than even Ithaca! And the lack of sunlight is a major reason for not applying to jobs in central NY this job season, as living in Ithaca was deadly. Was my life always like this before I moved to California?

  2. Was I ever able to get any work done while at this house? Most memories point to "no."

  3. Will my parents be able to feed me still more food before I leave? I think I've eaten more in the past 2 days than I did in the previous 2 weeks! (Seiously.) I think I may have eaten an entire cow since I've been here -- although most of it was a baby cow. (So sick I am that I made it make plaintive mooing noises as I stabbed it with my fork.)

  4. Why did I find the error in my slide/handout just precisely too late to do anything about it but early enough to obsess about it? Will the audience even notice when I say, "Let's skip example 1"?

  5. Is it evil to skip the afternoon sessions to go to Crossgates?