Friday, April 08, 2005


  1. Today I walked out of the math building after my third class to go get some lunch. Who do I see walking down the sidewalk but Homeless Relative! He looks at me and says, "What a surprise meeting you here!" Yeah, I have a place of employment, and I am there during the day on most business days. Shocker. Weren't you supposed to be hanging out in a larger city about 3 hours away from here?

  2. His stuff will end up in my basement. His car will be parked in my backyard.

  3. Among his possessions? A TI-86 calculator. Does everyone have one of those things these days? Do the homeless have that much of a need for working with 80-by-80 matrices, solving polynomials up to 30th order, and programming in Z80 assembly language?