Thursday, May 12, 2005


  1. Taking a cue from Trevor, I spent six hours today rearranging my office. It's still a disaster, and I broke the internet connection when I moved the computer.

  2. The internet at home will go down for hours at a time. I hate Comcast.

  3. Timothy called during a brief time period when the internet was up and I was reading the math.RA abstracts from the arXiv. He was like, "You aren't listening, what are you doing?" and I was like, "I'm reading about [text of abstract of paper about Hopf algebras co-written by someone I know goes here]." And he was like, "That's what I said we should write a paper about and you said that it wasn't worth doing that no one would find it interesting," and I was like, "that might have been what you meant but it wasn't what you said," and then I suggested that maybe we could write a paper about something else, and he said he was too busy.

  4. I also responded to an email from a student who was concerned after checking the registrar's webpage, the grade from my class "showed up as an F." Noted my student, "I thought for sure I would get at least a D."

  5. Together with the socks that I'd made her, I sent my mom the check that Grandpa Kozak sent me back in March. He made it payable to her instead of to me, and I couldn't bring myself to forge her signature on the back (brings back too many memories from school).