Saturday, May 07, 2005

The End is Near

I had hoped that I would have been done for the semester and had my grades turned in by close of business on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, several students were facing a variety of unusual circumstances that need to be sorted out. Most of them require me to make a careful accounting of the points and to inform the student, "It doesn't matter that due to [perceived unfair circumstance] that you believe that you should have received more points on [graded item]. Due to your score on the final exam, even if you received perfect scores -- which you didn't -- on [list of graded items], you still would have received [current grade]." The others are not so straightforward.

But since grades are due Monday morning at 9am, things will be sorted out to some extent fairly soon.

While proctoring the exams I was able to finish one of the socks for mom and to do the cuff on the other.