Friday, May 06, 2005

Family Math

Homeless Relative, being on the move, decided to stop by. Something about needing to do something about his car (which is parked in my backyard), maybe something about some paperwork. Hoping to stay here, he said, "I don't NEED to stay with you; I can stay in my car." Fine, do that. I already put up with enough manipulative shit.

So to stay away from my house, I spent most of yesterday in the office. The grading is done, with the exception of the last final (today). After finishing all that I didn't feel like doing real work, so I went to the used bookstore.

I found the most fantabulous book! It's called Family Math.

This works perfectly with my secret plans. I have a lot of parents -- typically mothers (many of them single mothers) in my classes. And being a life-long fan of math is NOT what gets you into my class. So I try to include assignments (to be completed at home) that they can work on with their kids. In one of my classes we were doing a lot of geometry: ruler and compass constructions, the Platonic Solids, that sort of thing. So I had my students make Holiday Card Ornaments from Martha Stewart. Martha does not tell you how to draw the equilateral triangle nor how to assemble the circles (triangles) into an icosahedron, and I let my students figure that out for themselves.

So I NEEDED this book. Being used, it is missing some pages, but it was only $4. I may have to buy the whole series.