Friday, May 27, 2005

Holiday Weekend

  1. If you're going somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard this weekend, your holiday traffic may include Homeless Relative driving his car to New Jersey.

  2. In a subliminal passive-agressive move to encourage him to leave, I wore my Secretive Government Agency t-shirt. HR has a hang-up about what he refers to as "spooks," believing them to be able to read his thoughts, to control peoples' minds, and to reset the hit counter on his web page when he writes articles critical of the government. Secretive Government Agency being what it is neither its name nor its initials appear on the shirt. I was told that the design on the back encoded the alpha-numeric descriptor of our office in an elaborate mathematical pun.

  3. Does it surprise you to know that Homeless Relative is a Viet Nam veteran?

  4. At Big-box-hardware they are having a promotion this weekend that makes me think that they got Memorial Day mixed up with Veteran's Day. They're giving 10% off to active duty, reserve, and retired military (with valid military ID). Of course few people start home improvement projects in November.

  5. Tired of my annoying public radio station, I've been listening to a commercial "new rock" station (new rock : new :: modernism : modern) that caters to boys. They have declared this Mamm-orial Day weekend, and caller nine will have the chance to win the booby prize and... well, you get the picture. Maybe I will have to bring some of my CDs back to the car.