Sunday, May 29, 2005

In Which a Team of Consultants are Summoned to the Learning Curves Conference Room to Discuss What to Do about the Recent 20% Drop in Site Traffic

The script doctor:
I know, what about Die Hard on a blog!? Maybe you can add a love interest. I know, I know! You can have a member of the team be in danger! What about this-- Have you considered getting a hedgehog?

The publicist:
It's all about networking. Get out there, leave lots of comments. You really want to build up your link base. I could make a few phone calls, maybe try to get you a link from one of the top blogs.

The market researcher:
Posts about your hair tend to get a lot of comments, so maybe people want to read more about your hair and less about math. I could get a focus group together, try out some test posts on them, see what they like.

The stylist:
Honey, it's very sweet that you designed your template yourself, but if you want to get anywhere, you're going to need a skin. There's this designer I know, I could have her mock up something for you. She's wonderful; you'll love it. And what's up with your hair? I mean, really.