Monday, May 16, 2005

My Office

I've spent another full morning reorganizing my office. All that really needs to be done still is to sort through half a filing crate worth of stuff that had previously been filed under unhelpful categories like "stuff" or "random crap." Now that I no longer share the office, I can use the entire filing cabinet, so I've recategorized the drawers. Probably there is a message in the fact that teaching took up two drawers and administration and research took one drawer each. The admin stuff is probably going to grow, as starting in the fall I'm trading in some teaching for administrative work. Have you seen that credit card commercial with Dana Carvey? That will be me, starting in August -- with lower division students seeking special treatment.

The other nice thing about having the office to myself is that with the other desk gone, I could rearrange the furniture so that I face the door while I'm working. (I no longer will have to impulsively hit F11 when I hear someone come up behind me.) As an added benefit, my desk divides the space in such a way that people who stop by will not stand too close to me while they're talking to me.

All that's left to do is to finish the filing, reorganize the math manipulatives, and hang stuff on the walls. Possibly put up curtains to limit the glare on the computer screen. Hanging stuff on the walls will have to wait until I get up the courage to ask the department to buy me a whiteboard. (The university appears to have a "no new chalkboards" policy.) I should probaby not get too greedy, but now there is enough blank wallspace for not one but TWO boards.