Friday, May 20, 2005

Quick Update

Despite the fact it is raining, the internet at home is working (Thanks, Comcast, for providing me with the service that I pay for!), so I shall respond to two of Profgrrrrl's comments. (And since I know that she subscribes to my feed so as to always be up-to-date on what I have to say, I am responding in a post so that she doesn't have to click over to check the comment threads. You, too, can be a recipient of this type of special treatment if you become a Preferred Chairman's Titanium Reader.)

The haircut turned out good enough. Not the fantabulous haircuts like I'd been getting from Dawn, but Meleah did a nice job with my hair and working with the layers and shaping that were already there. I let her cut it a bit shorter than usual in the front (she asked and I agreed), but now I'm wondering if that was a good decision on my part. There is something about my face-shape that makes many stylists insist of giving me bangs -- which I despise (on me) -- and my refusal of bangs is often met by negotiations about how short I'll allow the hair to be in front. I'll probably go back, as the salon is within walking distance, and it's located in our struggling downtown. (Most of the other salons within walking distance are not appropriate for me -- the stylists at Sistahz Beauty Shop in the W.E.B. DuBois Shopping Plaza most likely do not have much experience working with fine, thin, textureless hair like mine.)

And after a volley of text messages, voicemails, phone tag, and third parties, communication was established with my friend. Lunch was had and plans were made to see Star Wars on Saturday before he heads home.