Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Reorganizing my Office

It might seem sort of dull, but I'm actually pretty excited about reorganizing my office. When I first moved into this office (Fall 2003), I was sharing it with someone who has a joint appointment with another department. When she moved to another office, I shared with a visitor for part of the rest of the year. This year (2004-05) I've had the office to myself, but it still had a second set of furniture in it. Yesterday the department decided that for 2005-06 that I will stay in this same office and without an officemate, so they're making arrangements to have the extra desk and extra computer moved into storage.

I'll be able to rearrange my furniture! I'll be able to move my filing cabinet to a place where I'll be able to open the drawers all the way!

I might even hang stuff up on the walls!

To prepare for my very exciting reorganization, I have started purging my files of things that are useless. I found my lecture notes and exams from a course I taught at a different institution in Fall 2002. I think it's pretty safe to put everything in the recycle bin. Take, for example, this question from the final exam:
The specification of a program is denoted by the Hoare triple: {Q}x :=?{R}. If the assignment statement is x := x+7 and the postcondition R is x+y>20, find the weakest precondition Q for which this is a valid specification.
Do I have even the slightest clue what I was asking? Even know what the words mean? No.