Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So Much for Math Getting Done Today

Homeless Relative is showing up this afternoon. My house is his legal address, and a check showed up for him as part of the settlement of Grandma E's estate. The plan is to open a bank account for him (joint); he'll get the ATM card, and the checkbook will stay here. He plans to use the money to get some dental work. He called several dentists around here but wasn't happy with the answers he got over the phone, so he may be heading to New Jersey to see his old dentist. No word yet on whether he will be hitchhiking, taking the bus, or taking his car (which currently is parked in my backyard). One advantage of being involved in his finances is being able to tell whether he will qualify as a dependent for tax purposes. (Meaning that I can take some of the money that I had set aside for my estimated taxes and instead use it to do something about the bedroom window and whatever lurks inside the wall.)

Before he shows up, I want to take out the sashes from the den window (as the bedroom window is of status unknown). The bottom sash has already been reglazed, but the top needs some work. Furthermore, the window doesn't open, so everything will need to be freed and eventually the counterweights will need to be rehung. And I still need to find all the glazing and painting supplies that I haven't touched since last fall.