Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That's Enough Work for One Day

  1. Read through some student complaints about grades and how the math department dealt with them. Starting in August I'm going to be the go-to person for appeals and complaints for the lowest level courses. Really must think of how to streamline things -- a practical version of the "let me see how your sweater fits" suggestion that Moebius Stripper made in the comments the other day (why why why do Blogger comments not have permalinks?) to easily allow me to assess the merits of the case. Having been a federal employee, I'm sure that I can figure out something.

  2. Made more progress at updating some of my teaching materials to reflect the change in the course's title and number

  3. There's this paper I've been meaning to read that ties some of the things that I'd been thinking about to some representation theory. Why haven't I read it? Because for some reason none of the Blackboard Bold or Fraktur characters printed, putting the reader at a serious disadvantage when it comes to understanding what's going on. Today I downloaded a printed a new copy -- and if the weather holds (sunny but not too warm!), I'll find a nice spot to sit outside and read it.

  4. Came up with an only-mildly-lame idea for an expository paper (summarizing and categorizing for which special cases a certain result holds and what techniques are used for which classes of examples). Still need to check to see if someone else has written it already, though.