Monday, May 02, 2005

The Typo on the Final

I typed "faces" when I meant "vertices." Only one student asked me to clarify the problem -- meaning that the rest of the class must have been hopelessly confused by it.

As it's only worth 2 points (out of 100), fixing this should not be a crisis. Current plan is to demote it to a 1 point question (transferring the other point to another problem) and to give the point for any student writing V-E+F=2. I don't want to disappear it entirely, as I would like the grades to reflect a bit of the hopeless confusion.

In other finals week news, I proctored a final for a colleague who had to leave town suddenly. It took place in the chemistry building. I must say, the chemistry department has MUCH nicer classrooms than we do; I'm so jealous.