Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Common Sense Is Not Heat Resistant

I had gotten it into my mind that I want to see Howl's Moving Castle. But, of course, it is not playing here in the provinces. And the movie ticket web pages do not allow me to specify a search radius, so I'm not sure where the nearest showing is, so I had to guess cities that might be cool enough to have it. So far I have found that it is showing in San Diego (within walking distance of my old apartment!), NYC, LA, and Atlanta. Of these cities, Atlanta is the closest. What with the loss of momentum I've recently experienced with my research and the unappealingness of working outside on the house with temperatures forecast in the mid/high 90s (that's "mid/high 30s" to RoW), I am considering blowing off all the things that I am supposed to do for a road trip to Atlanta to go see a movie, maybe do some shopping, whatever else is necessary to justify spending a few days schlepping around the southeastern US.

Or I might just sit on the couch and knit while watching Dr. Phil.