Thursday, June 23, 2005

Distractions and Obstructions

  1. The Sweater Of Doom. A tale of knitting, ripping out, re-knitting, ripping out again (there's a week of my life that I will never get back), and re-re-knitting that is so grim that I have been forced to do a provisional cast on in the middle of the sweater and to then knit out towards the top and bottom. Good thing Noro Kureyon is so forgiving. (There are no photos: the scene was too graphic.)

  2. Four days of mandatory fun (sans internet) in Florida with my family. Starting this weekend. I can hardly wait. The only saving grace was that this shin-dig was scheduled in such a way as to avoid conflicting with the Sleater-Kinney concert, whose date I misrepresented to my mother as "have to be at work for a mandatory meeting."

  3. Tiger has arrived! If you need me I will be tweaking things to make them work again and madly downloading Widgets.

  4. The Department of Transportation has installed over five dozen webcams along the freeways in my city. I watch them, mesmerized.


  5. I wonder if there is a FreewayCam Widget. I wonder what it would take to write one.