Monday, June 20, 2005

Hiding from the Nagging

I admit that it is entirely my fault that I haven't yet cashed the check that my dad sent me over a month ago. It's not like I don't appreciate the money -- it's that I keep forgetting that I have a check to cash unless it is Sunday or midnight or some other time that the bank is closed. I still haven't figured out how to make deposits at the ATM (Luddite that I am), and my family does not do direct deposit, so there is always this problem when someone sends me a check. Thus I haven't been calling my parents because I don't want to be nagged about the check. Or the check that it replaces that was sent in March (LATE March, mind you) but that was payable to my mom instead of me (and I refused to forge her signature on the back). Or the thank you note or the birthday card for my grandfather. Or any of nine million other things that I just don't want to hear about. So I don't call. (No one calls me: I am notorious for my phone being off, missing, or out of batteries. Blissful that was when Thunderbird disconnected from the server for a week without telling me, leading me to believe that I had no new mail.) But today I had to make contact. This coming weekend I have been summoned to a command performance in Florida. My brother is renting a car and I am not, so I want him to give me a ride to the hotel from the airport (my flight gets in 15 minutes after his does, so this is not unreasonable). Unfortunately, I do not know my brother's phone number or his email address (it's probably been close to two years since I've communicated with him), so I had to contact my parents. Wimp that I am, I sent an email, asking them to pass the message on to my brother.