Sunday, June 05, 2005

More Weird Dreams

Before the phone call to my mother, I hadn't really gotten anything done yesterday. Some preliminary work on a house project, a few rows on a knitting project (to replace the ones ripped out the previous night), a trip to Target for boring stuff. Most of the rest of the day was taken up by fussing on the internet and lazing on the couch. My phone call was strategically timed: she got back from a very long vacation very late on Friday night, so on Saturday afternoon she had something to talk about (her vacation) instead of nagging (the exact day I am to mail the birthday card to my grandfather, etc.), and she was too tired to be in her best form.

That phone call, of course, had me agitated for the rest of the day and nothing else positive came from it. I found myself staying up until midnight, which was a bad sign. In order for me to stay sane, I need to go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same time each day. Gradual shifts due to changing sunrise are OK. Arbitrarily staying up late is not. Double-especially if it's not on purpose (as there is the "meteor exception").

I remember fragments of a weird dream from last night (in 3 parts):

I was in a room (not really a classroom, but it had classoomy sorts of chairs/desks) with some calculus students and some post-docs at the place I went to grad school. I forget what my conversations with the students were about, but I remember that I talked to one of the post-docs about his dogs. He was into some thing where his dogs competed for awards, and they won a lot.

In the second part of the dream the room wasn't quite as classroomy. I may have been sitting on the floor. Timothy and and one of my friends (the one who I saw a few weeks ago) were there, and they were playing some game that was a cross between Scrabble and the NYT crossword puzzle. But it also involved sewing, as I was able to figure out that 9-down was "dandelion" because the clue was directions for embroidering one. I picked a dandelion and put it on the board; they were not amused.

Finally I was reading Profgrrrrl's blog, and she had an entry where she was incredulous about a rumor that she'd heard about that school and the way teaching was done there. The example she gave was about a post-doc who neglected his teaching (possibly with the blessing of the department?), citing research expectations, but still had time to breed dogs.

Then I woke up.