Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Now I Remember Why We All Live in Different Places

I've returned from my grandfather's 90th birthday party overfed and overwhelmed.

  1. My little brother is still annoying. Anyone need a brother? He comes with flashy cars, a pilot's license (commercial + ATP, can fly 737s), and a wife who loves to shop. He brought his brand new PowerBook with him; he laughed at my widget.

  2. My dad took us on the Good Life tour. It included driving past Donald Trump's compound on A1A near Palm Beach, some window shopping at the watch store in Palm Beach, some in-person shopping (went in but didn't buy anything) at the watch store at some mall in Boca Raton (my brother wears this watch in SS with SS bracelet), and a stop at the Apple store. Dad bought me Photoshop Elements (more widgets! now with cooler images!) and promised an iSight.

  3. My mom and her sister spent most of their time shopping for cheap clothes at the outlet store. They borrowed my grandfather's car, so he walked home from the senior center -- about a mile during mid-day on a sunny day in south Florida in late June. Did I mention that he just turned 90?

  4. Assorted relatives and almost-relatives and quasi-relatives have blogs. I shall not link to them now.