Friday, June 17, 2005


I've bookmarked the university's online registration system, and I'm obsessively checking the enrollments for my classes for the fall. I'm not worried about the calculus class: other sections of calculus -- those at times that students find more appealing -- have already closed. I did notice that the other 9am section has more students than mine does; I am guessing that this is because the other instructor has an English name. What I am worried about is the honors section of the gen-ed class. Fall semester will be the first time that this class is being offered, so I have no idea what type of students would want to take it -- or how many of them there are. As of now I need 9 more students for it to run. While, yes, it is still early in the orientation/registration process, I believe that the better students get to register first. Lucky for me, the math department master schedule is crafted by someone extremely competent, and I see that a section of the regular version of the gen-ed class meets at the same time and is currently slated to be taught by Professor T.B.A. Staff. I'm hoping that registration roulette will not wreak havoc upon my schedule. In an ideal world, both my sections will have the bare minimum necessary to not be cancelled, and I'll be able to inflict individualized attention upon my students.