Saturday, June 04, 2005

Seemingly Unrelated Events

  1. My car repair skills have maxed out at the replenishing of fluids and the changing of lightbulbs*: I can not figure out how to retrieve the code making the check engine light go on in Timothy's car (which is currently parked in the back yard). I only know how to read codes on GM cars (secret message from MY car: 12 12 12).

  2. This morning I drove Timothy to the airport, as he is going to a fancy conference at some resort for a week. Last night I made him a fancy dinner: green vegetable curry. It was supposed to be a cooking together thing, but the strategically placed labels on the basil package hid the vast nastiness, and he was sent to go find better basil.

  3. I had bad dreams last night, but I only remember part of one of them. In my dream, I was driving in Hanover, NH and in a serious hurry to get out of town. I was heading towards Main St. on Allen St., but then I realized that Allen St. was one-way in the other direction (I'm pretty sure in real life that Allen St. is two-way). But I made it to Main St, and I was at the corner of Main and West Wheelock, intending to make a left on West Wheelock. In my dream it was a pretty major intersection, with a designated left turn lane and a left-arrow green light. I had to hurry to make the light, and I was going too fast through the intersection and lost control of the car. I hit a building which in my dream was a store (but in reality is a College building), and the accident caused damage to an oak cabinet in the building, and the owner insisted that I had to drive to some middle of nowhere place in NH to find some carpenter who could fix it. Then I woke up.

*How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a new tail/brake lightbulb? None, the bulb snaps in.