Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tales from the Refrigerator


Maybe you are imagining me romantically wasting away this summer, as spring and summer have always been my best times for that. Perhaps you envision light dinners of delicate salads, just barely picked at. A lunch of a perfectly measured cup of blueberries. Long walks at dawn or night, when the heat has broken. Your mind's eye might conjure an image of my shorts, loose at the waist, just barely hanging off my hip bones.

Despite my best intentions, it isn't happening. In this long running battle, food has taken the high ground, and I am probably at my heaviest weight in years. (I refuse to weigh myself; I'm basing this on how my clothes fit.) My current tactic has been to stop buying groceries because if there is food in the house, I eat it all. I've been buying each meal on an as-needed basis from a short list of safe foods. Disappointing, to say the least.