Monday, July 11, 2005

How Not to Invite Me to a Family Gathering

  1. Instead of including a response card (with SASE), have people RSVP by phone. Do not include area code with phone number.

  2. Instead of including useful things, like a response card (with SASE), put a bunch of useless stuff in the invitation. Like a sticker for me to put on my calendar, reminding me by when I should RSVP. What am I? A freshman who can't be trusted to keep her own calendar?


  3. In lieu of a response card (with SASE), include a post card (no stamp) for people who are not attending to use to send their best wishes to the guests of honor.

  4. Bonus round: Starting in mid-June, nag me about whether or not I've completed all the tasks expected of an invitee despite the fact that they are CLEARLY NOT DUE UNTIL JULY 17.