Friday, July 29, 2005

If It Weren't For Travel, I'd Never Do Laundry

Yes, I did over a month's worth of laundry yesterday. (You really have no idea how many clothes I own; it's embarrassing.) But now I can pack anything I want to (including clothes that I had forgotten that I own!) for my five-day trip to Liverpool, NY. I am leaving Saturday at the crack of dawn.

I am an obsessive over-packer; this is made worse whe travelling by car. What I have decided so far is to not bring any very much math. Can you imagine me sitting by the pool with my relatives while I read about primitive spectra and the Zariski topology? (Answer: no, because there is too much glare when trying to read by the pool. And I get interrupted too much. And I've forgotten much of what I read in the other paper about this.) But I've recently made a Scrabble-caddy for my travel Scrabble, and I could always bring a sock-knitting project.

The trip will be relatively short because I have allowed one day for driving on each end. This is sort of stupid, but the alternative meant devoting too much time to this trip. Besides, my first day of my "new job" (I've been promoted -- in a sense) is on Monday. I really should go into work, get my new key, all that sort of stuff sometime in the near future. They even ordered a new sign for my door!

In any event, if you are looking for me, I will be at the H&M at Carousel Center, drinking way too much with my relatives at one of their favorite restaurants, or sitting around the pool whining about sunburn and mosquitos.