Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Last Night at the Cafe

After making what amounts to negative progress on the windows (when chipping out the loose glazing, I managed to break two panes of glass -- wavy antique glass), I had to get away from the house. After driving around aimlessly, I finally ended up at Starbucks. They have better pastry than the usual cafe, and I was in the mood for a treat.

While I was there I saw a hard-core Scrabble player. He was wearing a t-shirt from the 2004 National Scrabble Championship, and he was doing something Scrabble-related on an electronic gizmo. Later I realized that I should have talked to him to see if he could hook me up with a copy of the Officical Tournament and Club Word List (which includes all the "dirty words" and such that are left out of the Scrabble dictionaries available to the general public). But I was too shy.


I have a deck of about 50 flashcards filled with words. I'd probably be a better Scrabble player if I studied them more and if I played against people who are not my relatives.