Friday, July 08, 2005

My Office Has Been Invaded

My office? Not very big. Also packed so full of my stuff that there is no room for the filing crate that I was going to use to store things before they could be filed for real.

The math for elementary ed class? I no longer teach it.

Yesterday seven (7) very large boxes arrived, full of somewhere between 35 and 42 maniplative kits to be distributed to the math for elementary ed students in the fall. The department secretary sent me an email about how she had to go with the UPS guy to pick them up and have them brought to my office.

I did not ask for these manipulative kits. There are eight (8) kits already in my office leftover from the spring, bringing the total to somewhere between 43 and 50 kits. There are only 28 students signed up for the math for elementary ed courses (which I no longer teach). That number may go down because one section has only 10 students signed up so far (needs 15 to run) and the other section has a course identifier that students mix up with a course in the business department. Not every student will need a kit, as I'm betting you that many of those 28 students have already taken (and failed) the course.

The course will be taught by an adjunct who does not have an office.

I have already sent desperate emails. I asked the woman who sent them (without asking me) how I can send back four of the boxes. She claims that she'll get back to me "soon." (Do you want manipulative kits? If she doesn't get back to me, I will send them to you!) I also emailed the department's administrative assistant asking her if there is any place else they can be stored (and mentioning that I did not order them).

If no one gets back to me by Monday, I am going to put the boxes in the women's rest room on my floor.