Friday, July 08, 2005

No One Good Ever Calls

Just checked my voicemail and listened to a message that was left last night. Can't tell if it was drunken dialing or if the slurred words were the result of the stroke she had a few years back or because of a crappy cell phone connection.
Hi, Hon, it's me. It's your mother-in-law. Have you heard anything from [my son]? I'm glad the boys aren't in New York because of all the terrorism. How are you? I guess you're keeping yourself busy. I'll be here for about half an hour, so give me a call.
In other telephone-related news, my neighbor stopped by last night to show off his new business cards* by giving me one and to ask for my phone number.

Noting that my porch light was out, he offered to let me borrow his ladder so that I could replace the bulb. I explained that I haven't gotten around to it because I need to replace the fixture itself because it's kinda fuct. I also showed him the timer-switch that I was going to install: you program it with your latitude and the date, and it will turn on and off the porch light (when the fixture works) based on sunrise/sunset. He admitted that it was cooler than the light sensor he put in his attic to control his porch light, and he offered to let me borrow his voltmeter. I pointed out my very own voltmeter sitting on the table by the door.

Yes, I live on Nerd Street.

*So far three guys in my neighborhood have given me their business cards. The only one who I am likely to contact gave me his card for purely professional reasons: he is a woodwind technician, and I have clarinet problems.