Saturday, July 02, 2005

Special Feature! Reader Mailbag!

If more of you sent me email, this could become a regular feature.

Reader Susan* points out a discussion of math education going on over at the Washington Monthly. This is one of several posts on the subject; this one focuses on the content of math books in high schools. Few people are noting the gulf between what's in the book, what's taught in the class, and what the students actually know at the end. I am certain that many of the students that you read about in this very space, including the ones who can not divide by 1 without using a calculator, have been taught how to do matrix arithmetic. Ooooh, they're so advanced.

In other news, I have noticed that Profgrrrrl has assigned me some blog homework. I'll get on that once I finish playing with my new toy.
Look, it's the 21st century come to my home! We shall see if "Santa Claus" can be talked into helping render the little box obsolete by the end of the year....

*My mom almost named me Susan. It was her #1 choice for a girl-name, but then she changed her mind.