Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Unanswered Questions: Home Edition

  1. Why did another pane of glass break in the window that I'm working on? Even though the window broke while it was alone in the garage with no one touching it?

  2. Whose stupid idea was it to have the plywood subfloor for my kitchen extend outside (unpainted, uncovered) the kitchen door to be the awkard top step for the poorly designed side porch? Will I need to replace the subfloor to fix this problem? Will I need to fix this problem to replace the god-awful stick-on vinyl tiles with a more aesthetically pleasing floor? Will I have to hire contractors to completely gut the kitchen to not make it suck so much?

  3. How do they avoid arguments with the building inspector about permits and inspections on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? How can they surprise the family when they would have needed information about the house and the property to have detailed plans drawn up? Aren't there zoning issues?