Monday, July 18, 2005

Yes, I Break a Lot of Glass

My major accomplishment for today was bringing my sash to the glass shop to have new glass cut. (I splurged -- I'm also going to have them putty glaze it.) This is the same glass shop that I go to every time I need to replace a pane of glass.

When I walked in, the only person manning the shop was some sort of manager/boss guy. He was probably expecting me to need a mirror or a coffee table or some other normal glass thing. When I started describing what I needed, I think he started to think that I was a crazy person because my task was sort of non-standard. I mean, I have a wooden window sash, four divided light, and it's missing three panes of glass. I have a piece of broken glass that can probably be cut in a way that will work for two of them, but I'll need the third pane from regular window glass. It's not like many people have wooden sashes -- or carry them around in their car trunks with giant pieces of broken antique glass -- plus I probably am a little crazy.

So he decides not to deal with me and escorts me through the door marked "employees only" and down to the shop and hands me off to one of the employees who does the actual work. The glazier recognizes me and greets me by name. He immediately understands what it is that I want -- and he even offers to rummage through his stash of antique glass to see if he can find a piece for my third pane. My sash should be ready Tuesday afternoon, and I should have the boarded-up window back in working order by the end of the week!