Monday, July 25, 2005

Yes, I Have No Principles*

jumbleI have to admit it. I love the Jumble. I am so in tune with the writers' sense of humor that I can usually guess the surprise answer (in this one, "dish it out") before unjumbling any of the words. (HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, those Jumble writers are so clever. Um, whatever.)

Because I love the Jumble so much, I am willing to overlook the, um, archaic world-view in its so-called "humorous" art. The matronly wife, nagging her hen-pecked husband and driving him to drink is a bit of a leitmotif in the Jumble. The young women in Jumbleworld are all pretty and stupid. The one thing unifying Jumble's women is that they all like to gossip and go shopping (usually with someone else's money). All of the politicians are crooked. Everyone is white. The poor people drink too much and don't wear shoes. So, yeah, um, awful.

Yesterday I finished up the last of the puzzles from "Generous Jumble" and promptly went out and spent $20 to buy "Gigantic Jumble." But I just love the Jumble, and I have to have it.

*I also own stock in Haliburton. Day after I bought it, it went up 10%. Do Ben & Jerry treat me that well? No.