Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Found While Reorganizing My New Office

  1. The existing filing system: the top drawer contained just about every piece of paper that Bill received back when it was his office. The second drawer contained copies of every memo that Ed wrote back when it was his office. Ed writes masterful memos in response to people who are angry, confused, or disappointed. I kept them all. The texts for the correspondence courses offered in cooperation with our department were in the third drawer of the filing cabinet. The bottom drawer was empty.

  2. The Advising Guide from back when the college had a different name, was on a different academic schedule, and had different graduation requirements. This was in the filing cabinet, lying beneath the folders. As was a copy of the Graduate Catalog from 1992. Books go on bookshelves, not in filing cabinets.

  3. A nearly empty bookshelf.

  4. A slide rule. In its leather case.

  5. The funeral card from one of our grad students who died in 1998.

  6. A signature stamp of a former department head.

  7. A hand-written sheet of blonde jokes.

  8. A key that does not fit any of the doors or desks or filing cabinets.

  9. Many, many, many things that I felt were none of my business.