Saturday, August 13, 2005

Some Thoughts on My New Haircut

  1. Those who remember my last haircut (the post about which got deleted because I was afraid that someone I know would find it one day realize that a snarky comment I made in the post was about her) will quickly notice that this is not what I asked for.

  2. It's definitely better than the last haircut I got, and it's better than how my hair looked before this haircut, so we at least have a positive derivative on the hair issue.

  3. OK, I'll admit it: It's probably even a better haircut than what I asked for.

  4. Still not sure what I think. The department secretaries and my Mom approve.

  5. It's surprisingly hard to take a good picture of yourself.

  6. I really, really, really need a new digital camera. Possibly two. As I want one which is small (which this one is not) and one that takes high quality pictures (which this one does not). (My dad has a Canon, which I hate because when I press the button it does nothing -- there is a "trick" to it that I do not get. Don't suggest Canon.)