Sunday, August 21, 2005

Surprised by a Student

With the internet still down at home, today's craft project was to turn my old shower curtain (transluscent plastic) into a roman shade for my bathroom window. (Tomorrow I will use another piece of it to "frost" my office window. I'm in the office right now to measure.) My bathroom window has no shade. The guy next door has no blinds/curtains/etc. Our houses are less than 10 feet apart. So, yeah, I'd been meaning to do something about this for, um, almost a year. In any case, I was at the hardware store buying some 1-by-2 to use as a header for my shade, and a very-familiar-looking employee asks, "May I help you?" Since I did not immediately recognize him as someone who failed my class last year, I was able to ask my question and get it answered without becoming horribly flustered and embarrassed. I'm not yet ready to talk to disgruntled students! Just give me a few more days!